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Automobiles today are built to keep passengers safe. They’ve come a long way since it first hit the roads and were causing accidents left and right. A very important part of your vehicle’s safety restraint system includes the windshield, side windows, and other auto glass components.

A car’s windshield, as the name implies, is a ‘shield’ that protects the driver, passengers and interiors from being exposed to outside factors encountered on the roadways. Windshields are critical for blocking you from the force of a crash. In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident and are not wearing a seatbelt, the windshield protects you from being thrown from the vehicle.
It is illegal to drive your vehicle with a broken windshield, it can cause glass debris to fly off and become an obstruction to other drivers, creating accidents on the road. Aside from that, if your windshield shatters, it will affect the airbags and be deployed outside the vehicle. If an accident occurs, you will have no protection. Not getting your windshield replaced will put you in danger of serious harm, if not death.

You can’t simply replace your windshield by yourself. You’ll be risking the price you paid for the materials and your safety if it’s not put on correctly. Incorrect installation of windshields will cause them to crack and break again. You’ll need a professional to look over the damage and give you a proper estimate of the cost and make sure that they use only high-quality materials.

This is where Tempe Windshield Pros LLC. comes in!

Tempe Windshield Pros LLC. has a combined experience of over eight decades in auto glass installation. When you call Tempe Windshield Pros LLC., our highly-skilled professionals will assess your windshield’s damage and give you an estimated price for the repairs. Once you’re happy with the estimates, you don’t need to come into our shop and dangerously drive with a broken windshield, we will come to you! We understand the importance of your time and safety so you will be given a time slot when our service technician will go to you to make further inspections and start repairs.
Here are Tempe Windshield Pros LLC. Repairs, we don’t use substandard materials that would easily break over time. We use cutting-edge materials that meet or exceed federal safety requirements. To replace your windshield or auto glass, our expert technicians will only utilize the best quality, tested glass and adhesives. Our windshields and other auto glass components are guaranteed against all manufacturing flaws and leaks during installation.

When do you call for mobile auto glass?

Your windshield doesn’t have to be completely damaged to need replacement. Damage will get worse over time, constant exposure to further heat or collision while driving might exacerbate any damage. If there are cracks in your windshield that are more than three inches long, they need to be replaced. Another is when your vision is obstructed by the broken glass and has a number of minor chips or cracks that are likely to spread.

All these issues need to be assessed properly by experts from Tempe Windshield Pros LLC. because these are signs that your windshield needs to be replaced. With us, you’ll be sure that with our experience and track record, you will get appropriate prices for your windshield replacement.

We accept insurance claims for your auto glass!

One of the reasons why a lot of vehicle owners hesitate to get repairs done to their cars is the cost. They will often say, it’s just a crack and that it’s nothing serious. They don’t want to pay for replacements since the damage isn’t as serious for them and may seem superficial. However, we do know that the tiniest cracks should be assessed properly by professionals. Always remember that your safety should never be compromised by how much repairs should cost. Once there is damage to your car, it becomes a health hazard. Your life has no price. This is why Tempe Windshield Pros LLC. accepts insurance claims for auto glass replacements. If you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, most insurers will cover windshield replacement. You don’t need to worry about the cost and only think about your safety and the safety of those who will enter your car.